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Moses Head.jpg

See Saw


Clay. [Measurements unknown]

[Photo cat. work ID 282]


This sculpture stands somewhat apart from Herman Wald’s oeuvre because it has no metaphorical content  or philosophical  message.  Two  female figures, seated on the ground, their broad hips and strong legs exuding a tactile  energy,  face  each other, holding  hands and swinging  backwards, their long hair touching the ground. Their arms and torsos form a central void which exudes energy. They are united, yet pull in opposite directions. Again the arch shape occurs, as does the void between the figures which is so frequent in his work.  Maybe the attenuated area above the hips expresses the spiritual side of humanity while the thickset, broad proportions of the haunches,  thighs and legs expresses the carnal side of humanity.  The pure aesthetic harmony of their rhythmical shapes and the expression of joy and vitality is the essence of this work.

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