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Moses Head.jpg

The birth of Eve


Bronze. 57 x 59 x 28 cm

Also entitled: The Creation of Eve

Herman Wald created this work in empathy with Vera at the birth of their youngest son, Louis who was born on the 27 May 1958.  Adam participates in the birth of Eve. Herman Wald wrote about this piece: “As if by an unknown command, Eve blossoms out of him – from his ribs – like a strange and beautiful flower, into which G-d has breathed the dew of life. Adam’s body, arched backwards, emerges  from the earth while  Eve grows from his chest. She is  connected to him by her hair which sprouts in a torrent of tendrils, like  a spring of  energies about to be released.  There is a sense of imminent movement and tension.  The soul seems to rise above the body, transcending the earth and establishing  contact with the universe.

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