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Moses Head.jpg

The Schizophrenics


Clay. 53 x 24 x 21cm

Two featureless figures converge geometrically, in an almost mechanistic style piercing each other’s torsos and clutching  their heads in a  posture of dread and despair. The straight lined rectangle creates a sense of tension, conflict and division, forming a zig-zag of confusion. They have no feet and  therefore cannot go anywhere. The figures are replicas of each other, two aspects of the schizophrenic mentality. In the artist’s own words, this  work: “depicts the crazy mixed-up world of ours”  (… ) and  expresses also the contradiction of which humanity is made…”     It was created during the cold war when nuclear armaments exceeded the  ratio of the world populations they could annihilate.  It is an expression of those troubled times as well as the permanent problem of psychological self-division and insanity.

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