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Moses Head.jpg

Triple Personality


Bronze. 63 x 23 x 23cm

This statuette  is an evocation of a sinister element. It is poised on the fault line  between beauty and menace. Three female nudes are linked to each other back to back, their bodies fused into one head with three delicately inscribed features with closed eyes.  Their legs,  plaited like  a havdalah candle, is  used in a ritual to separate the end of the Sabbath and to  usher in the new week. Their  excessively thin arms reach into their hollow  uteri. Antipodeans of their mythological sisters, the three graces, this triad exudes an aura of barrenness, sterility and infecundity. Its meaning is complex. The havdala candle should bring happiness to the new phase of the weekly cycle,  yet here  it weaves  into three empty uteri leading up to the three surreally delineated features.   

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