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Moses Head.jpg



Clay. 12 x 90 x 13 cm

This sculpture is based on Herman Wald’s prototypes of   “Adam and Eve 1” (, work ID 32) and “II”(, work ID 337), dated 1952, in which the couple springs  from the torso of Adam, equally  floating on both his sides.  In this work  Adam’s torso is replaced by an inner core of oval and circular coils which  lock like wedding rings, from which the male and female figures are propelled.  It is remarkable  that the shape moves outwards and sideways rather than upwards. The artist does not privilege the male above the female but renders both as equal. Their connection in the central whirlpool renders them weightless and seemingly  afloat. It is a forerunner of the images of the Mystical Union which dominate Herman Wald’s last period.

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